Well, Hello 2013!

IMG_2756Wow, it’s truly been ages! My apologies for going missing for so long. Life has taken over in a major way these past few months and at times I’ve felt as though I could do little more than strap in and enjoy the ride. It’s hard, when so much is going on, to sit down and actually write about it but perhaps it’s more a question of will than actual ability. In any case, with the fresh transition to the new year just behind me I’m hopping with energy and ready to sit down once again and document all the wonderful things that make life on this side of the Andes such a beautiful thing.

So what have I been getting up to these past few months, you ask? Well, after G’s birthday in August we headed back to the other other hemisphere for six weeks of family, friends, travel, and just a smidgen of work (though admittedly, more on his part than mine). We started in Munich, spent a few weeks in Amsterdam, and then I took a long-awaited trip with my best friend through the Balkans for a week before ending the trip in Rome. A glorious holiday it was, indeed though funnily enough at the end of it all I was borderline ecstatic to return to Santiago and even more so when I landed and saw that the entire city was in full spring bloom. When we arrived the year before (in early November) it was a completely different city. One of the worst droughts in decades had absolutely ravaged the vegetation and the hills surrounding and given the city a very arid, desert-like feeling. It couldn’t have been more different this time around. Everywhere we looked there seemed to be an overabundance of lush green and every other color one could imagine and we wasted no time at all throwing ourselves into joy of getting reacquainted with our city. Between picnics, asados on the roof, daytrips to the sea, hikes in the mountains, old friends visiting and new ones being made, the season flew by faster than we could have imagined and before we knew it summer had arrived in all its searing, 30+ degree glory.

And now here we are, just left of the holiday season a whole host of adventures on the horizon. There’s actually much more to tell than I have but I figure it’s much better if I break the bulk down into individual stories and go into a bit more detail about our recent adventures. Keep watching this spot and until then I wish you all a fruitful and fulfilling new year of happiness, love and discovery. ¡Adelante!


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