Spring Is Coming!

Hello world. It’s been far too long. I apologize for my absence over the past few weeks. Things have been a bit hectic and I haven’t prioritized updating nearly as much as I should. All the same, life has been trucking along splendidly in the these parts and I’ve got more than enough material to write about in the coming days so I’ll be sure to do just that.

In related news, G turned 31 last week and to celebrate this momentous passing of another year and his first birthday here in Chile we decided to celebrate in style by heading to the roof for our first asado of the season. I sent out invitations a few weeks before and asked people to keep word of the party to themselves, but planning a surprise party for someone you live with can be quite the logistical nightmare. I had to skirt around G’s questions, hide clandestine party fare all throughout the apartment and even ask him to stay late at work one night so that I could “get some stuff done” without his being around to “annoy” me. Probably not the finest choice of words, which I felt all the more guilty about when I called him after the big food and booze shop with our friend Pancho and he answered the phone in a sad and exhausted voice, asking “can I come home now?” Oh man! Even if the good intention was there on my part, that was a hard one to stomach.

All in all the plan might have actually worked out too, except that I hadn’t taken into account the one glaringly impossible factor in successfully throwing a surprise party in Chile. Namely that this is Chile. Between an unnamed guest inadvertently saying to him on Friday afternoon, “hey, I’ll see you tomorrow!” and the doormen downstairs asking him to sign off all the names of the people he was arriving with (before shoving the entire guest list into his hands) after a couple of the guys took him out for a cafe con piernas to keep him distracted, the surprise was epically blown. Ever the good sport, however, he still tried his best to act shocked when he got to the roof. But no one was buying.

In the grand scheme of things, though, it really didn’t matter if he was surprised or not as it was a gorgeous, uncharacteristically warm and sunny day and much fun was had by all. It was especially nice to see how well everyone mingled: colleagues, old friends from uni, football mates and plus-ones all mixing it up, swapping stories and just generally pasandolo bien. We stayed on the roof until the sun sank down low on the horizon and we were treated to a stunning sunset the likes of which I’m convinced can only be seen here in Santiago, our numbers dwindling slowly until there were just four of us remaining. We finished the night with a few rounds of board games and another glass or two of wine, then hit the bed just relatively early, exhausted, satiated and absolutely glowing.

Special thanks to Elise, Pancho and Bea for helping with the prep and the cleanup, to Santiago for rounding up the boys for some diversion and legs, and to everyone else that helped to make this just the first of what I hope will be many more wonderful days on the roof as our first winter here reaches its end.

4 thoughts on “Spring Is Coming!

  1. Heerlijk om het verhaal te lezen en de foto’s te zien. Het plezier spat ervan af.
    Jullie zijn zeer welkom in september

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